Dole Plantation

Dole Plantation

Located near the North shore of Oahu, Dole Plantation is a popular visitor destination that welcomes more than one million people per year. What started as a simple fruit stand blossomed into a pineapple experience in 1989. There is now a whole day worth of activities and exploration at the Dole Plantation, including a train ride, maze, gardens, and tasty treats.

The Pineapple Express can take you on a train tour around the plantation so that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery as well as a narrated story about Hawaii’s pineapples and the Dole empire. The cute miniature vintage style trains are sure to be a big hit with the kids, but fun for all.

Or you can wander the maze for a while, but prepare to spend some time there, as it has been declared the world’s largest maze. The maze is made up of tropical plants and covers more than three acres. Average time through the maze is about an hour. Challenge yourself to beat the record time, currently less than 25 minutes.

The gardens here are also a nice way to spend some time, with many beautiful tropical plants and even a narrated information system so that you may learn more about the plants around you.

Inside the large shop you will find all sorts of souvenirs, from locally grown pineapples to koa wood figures and just about anything pineapple themed. For a tasty treat you can stop by the grill and enjoy choices from a varied menu, many with pineapple flair. A popular choice would be Dole Whip, which is like pineapple soft serve ice cream!

Dole Plantation is one of the stops on our Oahu Circle Island tour.